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Los Llorones by thirdwaltz Los Llorones by thirdwaltz
By far the most dangerous and psychotic of all tribes, the Los Llorones tribe is the only one known to be both made of non-solid matter and to have discovered the meaning of life (which, according to what the translators have managed to make out, is to collect things, namely people who collect things). Therefore they are only seen by people with little or no interest in them, becuase otherwise, they might mistake interested individuals in collectors of their clan(s), in which case they would be snatched away in little or no time. But not only are these terrifying creatures a rare sight, they are also increasingly rare. This might be due to global warming, although there is no proof that it actually might have an impact on their lives in any way, and is probably only an attempt to call their species 'endangered' so that scientists witness more of these beings in action. Non-collectors have never found Los Llorones to be all that hard to be around; six-year-old girls frequently recount hours of fun playing with dolls with them (until she become too feverish about having more of the dolls, in which case they are presumably eaten). They are also relatively sociable, despite living in abandoned towers and sewers. Another 'quirk' of this particular race is that they have no feet; they are more closely related to jellyfish and flying squirells, according to German researchers, although none are availabe to comment. They also have voracious appetites for cucumbers and are also rumored to defecate goat cheese, and when not feeling healthy, sunshine. However, they are often not feeling healthy, which is supposedly a side effect of the goat cheese, which might cause depression and melancholy behavior. Los Llorones vary in height and weight (never taller than 11 feet, and never lighter than 2.5 pounds).
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Nadiazul Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2006
mmm me gusta, me atrajo el titulo...
creo que le hace falta un poco más de "sombra" en la parte de arriba, aunq aun asi se ve muy bien el contraste blanco-negro...
thirdwaltz Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2006
Creo que lo voy a pintar de nuevo algun día - los pinté con acuarelas y son demasiado transparentes para la parte de arriba. Gracias por la sujerencia!
Nadiazul Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2006
aun asi se ve muy bien, igual tu eres el artista, muy bien!
lucasaguirre Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005
no veo que lloren :)
kisstheass Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2005
ooo i love this
jeffquinn Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2005
Very original style! Very simple, yet very profound! And i like the name of the "tribe," Los means "the crybabies" or "the criers" in Spanish, right? I'm almost fluent in the language, but correct me if i'm wrong...
Great job!
autumnsolace Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2005
flying squirrels have legs! pffffffft.
THIS is wicked. i love the descriptions that come with your drawings
which, are quite wonderful
grimmreepr Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2005
sweet. nice tail or end of the dudes. i wish i could even use watercolors that well.
thirdwaltz Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2005
Well, you'd need to use watercolor paper, but other than that, this was easy (20 minutes). I drew out the shapes in pencil, went over most of their outlines with a pen, and then filled it in with black paint. I just had to make sure that I didn't cover up the eyes or paint outside the lines, but it wasn't a challenge at all.

The only things that you need to paint with watercolors are 3 sizes of brushes (huge, small, really fookin small) and then you need white paint, because it makes it thicker and glowy, which really adds to it. I didn't use any on this one (go figure, they're black) but it helps a LOT. And you need to get used to making up for mistakes, because it happens a lot and it's pretty damn frustrating.
grimmreepr Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2005
ok. thanks. i might try something like that some time. i've been drawing portraits. ill post some up today.

i gotta draw.

fuck bush got moved to my scraps. damn.
elachrym Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Interesting . . . I find white paint to be the least helpful of the colors. It seems it gives it unnecessary opacity, and if you're using layers, it just gets in the way and makes it look chalky. At least, that has been the experience for me, maybe I just never figured out how to use it properly. I usually just get white from leaving areas of the paper white.
CommaQueen Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2005
*giggles* But don't flying squirrels have feet? I'm curious, though... they look like dark ghosts and they seem to be able to make themselves invisible at will, and yet they weigh at least 2.5 pounds (presumably quite a bit more than that, if they're 11 ft tall). Also, I would think that such a thing in a young girl's room would be rather frightening for a child. I think such a thing would have traumatized me... and made me (perhaps) wierder than I am today, if such a thing were possible.
thirdwaltz Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2005
Hmmm... those are indeed very good points... I might be able to explain one or two of them:

-Flying squirrels: Although they have feet, mass mutation is always a possibility. It's not probable, but it's theoretically possible.
-Weight: Los Llorones don't have the ability to vaporize into this air, but their bodies are extremely flexible and are made of jellyfishlike tissue which allows them to enter enclosed areas through relatively small spaces.
-When I was 6, I made a staring contest with the sun and lost very badly.

Lovely commet... if I could taste it, it would be fudge flavored.
CommaQueen Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2005
lol. Well, I haven't met the six year old that could beat the sun... although, if you'd used sunglasses it might have helped. And maybe it wasn't mutation but evolution, perhaps? And I wish my body were made out of the same tissue as jellyfish, with stingers and stuff. I would go around stinging celebrities like Britney Spears and Nsync to death.
uross Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2005
de todo, lo que mas me gusta
failsafeman Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2005
Sweet! The tribes are coming together...

Anyway, I've got a tentative design for the grubs ready, along with a solid character build. Trust me, they'll be one of the funniest tribes. I'd say hold off on any of your own designs until we can coordinate our ideas (probably on Friday). AND DON'T FORGET NATRUAL BORN KILLERS!!!!!!!
mintysma Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2005   Artisan Crafter
i think those are the things that come into my room at night...
but then again it could be my husband with his extra appendages...

i love their eyes, and the way the one second from the right seems to be turning away, thats really well observed.

do you know the work of gilbert hernandez? something about your painting reminds me of him at his most surreal, could just be the title too; but definitely a worthwhile read.

my tutors at uni are always urging me to rework and refine. (as a sculptor its fucking hard) however, i'd love to see these in a heavy black ink, perhaps in their natural setting...
HousesOfApollo Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2005
I've seen those!
silent-hillbilly Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2005
what an interesting tribe....their physical simplicity is in evident contrast with the complexity of their behaviour and present circumstances around the world they live in...very creative work, indeed :nod: visually proves that many times simplicity works best :)
Jack-S-Riddly Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2005  Student
lol :D Thats awsome
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